20 years of a cycle, the NBA draft for the various teams to provide the opportunity to win the championship, but also to countless team to cry without tears. Today we do is 1995's draft, the draft belong to Garnett. 1995 rookie career scoring Wang: Garnett. Career rebounds: Garnett. Career assists Wang: Garnett. 1995 6 all star players: Garnett - Rachid, Wallace - Kevin, Finlay - Michael, Stackhouse, McDyess, Ratliff. annual parallel: eighth overall, Chis Picket, Portland persons (draft day was traded to Milwaukee); 9 cis position, Obanna, New Jersey Nets. second round surprise: forty-third place, Eric snow, the Milwaukee Bucks (draft day was changed to supersonic). rearrangement Champion (Golden State Warr Retro jordans for sale iors): Kevin Garnett (the actual sequence: the fifth overall) from the point of view of 20 years after the eyes, who will miss Garnett a piece of jade?? 15 time all star game, 1 regular season MVP, one of the best defensive players...... Garnett's honor has reached the level of history. Not to mention his 9 consecutive years 20+10, three consecutive years 22+13+5, career appearances have reached the sixth place in history. For warriors, if they get Garnett, they might be able to take the time to 20 years. the actual choice: Joe - Smith - Smith university last year to get 20.8 points and 10.6 rebounds, hit rate of 57.8%, is the rule of NCAA to break up. rearrangement Bangyan (Los Angeles Clippers: Rasheed Wal cheap jordan shoes for men lace (actual cis position: 4th overall) when 41 year old Rasheed Wallace's house at home when the fat fans to know the they had missed out on such a great personality of the player. His data from a high profile, the peak of the score has never been on the 20 points, the rebound has never been on the 10, but his 105.1 victory in the ranking of the contribution to the current second. The pioneer, the piston, and the Celtics have used it all, of course, on the premise that you can put up with him every night ". actual choice: Antonio Mcdyess Antonio Mcdyess university last year were 13.9 points and 10.2 rebounds, shooting 51.2%, trial when he showed extremely abnormal reaction speed and jumping ability. After b cheap jordans for sale mens eing drafted by the Clippers he was immediately traded to the nuggets. rearrangement Tanhua (Philadelphia): Michael Finley (the actual sequence: the 21st overall) in the sun, Finley is low-key calm rookie, in Buckley, the eldest, behind the building blocks; in the calf, Finley is hard edged scorer, take the enemy heads from thousands of miles away in "the other a Mike"; in San Antonio, Finley is with a knife to see blood, the assassin, the achievements of his championship dream. Finlay's career is always in the right place at the right time. Career field are 15.7 points, careerthis bamboo color Air Jordan XX8 "Bamboo" will be released on 2014 all star weekend. Pure white shoes with black inner boots, bambo cheap foamposites o texture of TPU stable film, the overall effect is concise, quite refreshing. item: 649501-100 release date: February 16th Italy Footwear Association (ANCI) said on the 7, the association has submitted to the European Commission documents from China and Vietnam exports to non sports shoes in the EU 27 countries to extend anti-dumping duties, now exports to Chinese and Vietnam to the EU non sports shoes anti-dumping duty will expire in October 7th. Italy Footwear Association's decision means that the EU to implement anti-dumping measures will have more disputes, anti-dumping measures will make the EU footwear industry who has strong interests in the country and no interests between countries in trade Cheap air jordans for sale policies have cracks about anti-dumping duty in the next 1 to 2 years will remain on the schedule. chairman of the Italy Shoe Association Artioli (Vito Artioli) said that the association will submit the necessary documents to the EU to request the European Union to extend anti-dumping duties. and he claimed that the footwear associations of other EU countries also submitted documents to the European Union for the extension of anti-dumping duties. found the shoe manufacturer to the illegal market in the EU anti-dumping shoes in the production of relevant experts, after long time after 06 years of debate, the Italy Footwear Association from 13 European countries and trade groups to persua Retro jordans for sale de European non sports shoes levy anti-dumping duties. (Editor: admin)By the China Light Industry Federation and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association of experts composed of expert evaluation group of 8 people, recently visited Wuchuan, the city declared "China's plastic shoes township" strict evaluation. According to "Zhanjiang Evening News" reported that a group of experts in Wuchuan City, accompanied by leaders visited Yongtai, Acer, Quanxing, Zweig Wuchuan shoemaking enterprise, Wuchuan plastic shoes feel vigorous development state of expert evaluation form a joint expert group group 8 people by the Federation of light industry and Chinese plastic China processing industry association, r cheap jordans for sale ecently to visit Wuchuan, the city declared "Chinese Rural plastic shoes" strict appraisal. according to the "Zhanjiang Evening News" reported that a group of experts in Wuchuan City, accompanied by leaders visited Yongtai, Acer, Quanxing, Zweig Wuchuan shoemaking enterprise, feel the development situation of Wuchuan's booming plastic shoes. In the expert opinion that night at the meeting, the expert group that plastic shoes industrialization degree of Wuchuan is significant, development and innovation ability, market coverage, product selling, Wuchuan municipal government for the plastic shoe industry support. The panel, after a collegial panel, unanimously recommended the award of "China town of p Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping lastic shoes" in Wuchuan. President, Chinese plastics processing industry association expert evaluation group leader Liao Zhengpin sincerely praised Wuchuan Chinese Rural plastic shoes "is" fully deserve ", and recommended that Wuchuan intensify high-grade plastic shoes product development, strengthen brand construction, improve the property chain, improve the export capacity. (Editor: admin).Nike and Liberty London tenth collaboration series will be a new interpretation through custom prints. Nike is Nike's first use of modern geometric prints into modern atmosphere for classic Liberty printing. This series by using the classical Liberty printing plant art cloth, and the wave superposition and th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e formation of the collision movement fashion perfect. Holiday 2014 Nike x Liberty series with a combination of modern and classic Nike sports shoes. This quarter the Liberty classic "Belmont Ivy" printing pattern is a magnificent botanical art, inspired by the attachment in the building of ivy. Looking carefully at the Ivy details can be found, this stamp implied for the past years a blade design also includes "a sign of British pound banknotes. This series uses the black Belmont Ivy prints and wine color scheme - two autumn gentle color red Belmont Ivy prints warm season red wine is used in the Nike four of the most popular sports shoes: Blazer Mid, Air Max, Internationalist and Air 1 Force 1 High. 940x353 cheap jordans online q80.jpeg (43 KB, download number: 0) download Nike X Liberty Belmont Ivy Burgundy 2014-11-25 18:44 upload item: 540855-600 940x511q80.jpeg (62.88 KB, download number: 0) download Nike X Liberty Belmont Ivy Burgundy 2014-11-25 18:44 upload item: 706653-600 940x618q80.jpeg (59.67 KB, download number: 0) download Nike X Liberty Belmont Ivy Burgundy 2014-11-25 18:44 upload item: 529037-600 940x660q80.jpeg (86.78 KB, download number: 0) download 0 comparable drug business hundred percent of the profits, so many money Chinese businessmen in Russia are obsessed with a special a way of earning money. "to make money, go gray."." Gathered in Moscow's most famous Chinese outdoor market "ant", Lao Li is not taboo to talk about their business in a way of earning money in russia. This is a day in June 2007, from the Russian government in April 1st formally implemented the "Prohibition of business order" has been more than two months. the so-called "cleaning", which is actually a gray customs clearance, with the nature of tax evasion smuggling, according to the actual goods tax, but the cheapest goods tariff according to customs, -- for example, tariffs reported toys - shoes in short, cheap how to return. For a long time, this is the "gray" channel to do trade and logistics business, so that many Chinese businessmen make a fortune quickly, earn pots full bowl. therefore, even if the Russian government's "test to the" expressly prohibited foreigners to engage in retail activities in the open market, but did not shake the Chinese Li who make money in Russia to Chinese rich and high-quality goods and Russian broad market attracted to each other. however, such banned under the "gray channel" obviously not for a long time, Chinese form in Russia has been quietly changing, continue to fight in the Russian market of Chinese future will be out of a kind of "cleaning" in different ways to make money? as the "high profits drug" once the student Zhang, the temptation of high profits, decided to go to the start of the Russian export business, computer accessories business, now has its own trade company. "I have a profit of up to 100%, or even higher, to catch up with drug trafficking."." Zhang said, he purchased directly from the domestic manufacturers, and then through the logistics company "gray customs clearance" approach to enter the territory of russia. "If formal customs clearance, handling procedures slow, pay more fees, the goods to Russia after the profits will be much thinner."." "Russia still has a lot of business opportunities."." Mr. Malkin, a professor at the Moscow State University, believes that during the ten years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian economy was unstable, commodities were scarce and many people were there