to have shut down the air jordan 3 as a template, with new balance 1600 "no collaboration" custom shoes for inspiration (below), to create this named "red dragon" air jordan 3. Red as the main tone of the shoes, burst pattern elements presented in golden, tongue, on the bottom along with golden dragon squamous, highlight the theme, and laces are distinctive with golden indica line appears to record. Balance New 1600 "Collaboration custom" No more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: impeccablescoop2010, Supra, Society, TK, dark blue suede, and black leather design came back as early as possible. However, the brand to do this, and reverse cheap jordans for sale it is also a new look. You do not know what the green arrow boots, ha ha! Terry before holding a pair of hands, there are pictures as evidence. Source: SHIHUO! 1626 blog Supra Society TK red and white new color exposure; Adidas PRO MODEL 2010 classic retro basketball shoes review last article: Supra Society TK red and white new color exposure next article: Adidas PRO MODEL 2010 classic retro basketball shoes Camo is the fashion color that never misses each year! Nike Mowabb Nike Koth to create a prototype of shoes Ultra Mid before the release of two new color design based on. In addition to the ACG lineage, Jacquard elements are added to the vamp. Ink point design shoe body camouflage pattern can be described with the midsole and heel "Huarache" support, showing the incomparable beauty of street fashion. In order to cope wit Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping h the wet and slippery streets of autumn and winter, the elaborately constructed outsole makes shoes with excellent functionality. Two colors will be on sale this month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 Retro Running Shoes multi heavyweight joint Air Jordan 4, in order to celebrate Shady Records LP set up 15th anniversary fall, you in Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping dispensable shoes! PUMA brings a whole new "Bright" for Disc Blaze, not a series of notes comments on last article: "multi heavyweight joint Air Jordan 4", in order to celebrate Shady Records LP founded 15th anniversary next: "fall your indispensable shoes."! PUMA brings a whole new "Bright" for Disc Blaze, not a series of notes[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 2nd league blocked shots, 3rd best defensive player, 5th rebounds, eight-time All-Star, Houston Rockets star Dwight - Howard airborne Beijing Star Live, and Pick at the signing ceremony, and with tens of thousands of fans to the scene of hundreds of fans and online together "into the fire" Pick, HIGH turn the audience! Olympic Sports CEO Zhi-Hua Xu said: "The Olympic and NBA's two most cosmopolitan, most populist basketball star Howard and Tony - Tony Parker together to build cheap jordans online China's most cosmopolitan, most professional and most populist movement brand and basketball equipment, as soon as possible and strive to become the world's top three basketball equipment brand. " "Superman" Howard "into the fire" Pick position "to use the championship back Chinese fans" Even before Howard came to China, Pick signing players on the topic has caused heated discussion in the network, the organization of the Olympic line "into the fire" action, but also to attract tens of thousands of fans early and Howard together "into the fire" Pick. Conference site popularity is self-evident, hundreds of die-hard fans to the scene to see Howard idol charisma, a significant number of Rockets fans came to the scene, to your beloved team players cheer on the network Howard "into the fire "Pick also became the focus of hot search. Howard jus Retro jordans for sale t debut, the fans shouted aloud: "I love China, I love Peak, I love all the fans and friends." And greet the coming Olympic star is deafening cheers. Subsequently, the Olympic Sports CEO Xu Zhihua stage, with large manpower Howard clenched together, marking the "Superman" Howard formally "into the fire" China Peak. Howard is following - Jason Kidd, Tony - Tony Parker after, with the signing of the third Olympic all-star players. Previously, Kidd and Parker are in the cooperation with Olympic won the NBA championship. Signing ceremony host, famous basketball commentator Xu Jicheng teacher will "sign was Olympic champion," the topic when thrown Howard, leader of the Rockets said firmly: "I have heard the mysterious laws of the hope in the Olympic with the help of the new season can be a championship trophy to contribute to China and fans of the cheap jordans for sale mens world, looking forward to the Olympic brings me luck. " Pick-Star Shoe invite fans to participate in research and development to make the fans decide "Howard generation" In the next concern Howard signature shoe exclusive debut session, Peak gave the fans a big surprise - Howard signature shoe option. The signing ceremony, the Olympic unveiled three options for Howard signature shoe, two of which were from the Olympic Beijing R & D center and design center in the United States, while another has not yet formed star shoes will absorb the views of the fans integrated production. Fans will then be able to choose shoes designed according to their own preferences, Olympic network will be based on the final voting results and comments Howard team, announced Howard signature shoe, "Howard generation" true colors. On the Road in the subsequent pa cheap foamposites rt of the shoes, the famous basketball sneaker trends according to Cheng Yang, the proposed Olympic basketball shoes when developing more consideration to support, protect and develop enough to win a pair of basketball shoes fans eye. The fans representatives hope star shoes more lightweight and flexible, prices are more close to the people, so that more affordable basketball fans. Howard himself stressed that he is very fond of red, like the "Phoenix" in the hope of shoes designed to fit into this concept. Olympic Sports CEO Xu Zhihua listening to the shoes experts, fans and after Howard's comments, said: "Pick with the domestic first-class professional basketball shoe design and development strength, Battier generation from 2006, we have won every generation of players and shoe Fans love. In addition, Peak also has been focusing on communicati cheap jordan shoes for men on and interaction with the fans, the future Olympic fans will be encouraged to participate in the design aspects of the product, and the absorption of some creative fans, representative of the views and design elements into the new Star basketball shoe design. I believe we have 20 years of professional basketball shoes design and development experience, is definitely make players and fans pleasantly surprised. " Howard Fans "spark Society" site set up to build a communication platform for fans to listen to the voices of On the Road link after sneakers, side mysterious qualities presented in front of everyone, Howard fan group "Sparks agency" LOGO solemnly announced. Long before Howard came to China, many "Superman" fans will understand the players travel to China through various channels, in order to better help fans feel the players up cl Cheap air jordans for sale ose elegance and charm, Howard Peak specialized organizations dedicated fan base - "Spark club. " By participating in "spark community," the official microblogging, micro-channel public number, all Howard fans can learn the rocket for the first time, the latest information on Howard and Olympic shoes. It is reported that "spark community" will become fans of the exclusive community of Howard, Howard fans can share in the "spark community" in the players information, find the same friends, and even organized party line, to participate more and more rich Olympic activities. Howard himself, knowing "spark Society" was founded, was very excited, playful playful he kept in the mouth talking about the "spark, spark community," the name, on the "spark" still pondering "spark social" content When, a few fans came to Howard presented a unique gift, How Retro jordans for sale ard after receiving the gift represents the first time to use the Olympic gift gifts "spark Society" fans, and his fans will be back with the outstanding performance of the new season support, next to China, maybe he will be in the "Olympic champion Law" affect together and fans share the glory with the title of the championship trophy. Then, Howard and fans also played the "Self", and the atmosphere is pushed to the top. It is reported that, within a week after Howard will each go to Beijing, Shenyang, Nanchang and Quanzhou, meet with local fans and the formation of a spark local branch agency. Then fans can "spark community," the official micro-Bo, the first time to understand the micro-letter Olympic star stroke and wonderful tidbits stations, Howard will be on the spark social platform to interact with the fans. The voting of the new Olympic Howard signature shoe will also be launched on the Olympic official microblogging, letter and "spark social" microblogging, micro letter. As Howard himself said: "Joining 'spark society', you can understand the real Howard." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Center.)1, the use of Hyperposite Foamposite is relatively cheaper shoes? the two materials are in fact polyurethane, and Hyperposite (LeBron 12) can count is an upgraded version of the foamposite (Galaxy spray), for, foamposite, Hyperposite has a smaller volume, lighter weight, key contact part thickened processing and ultra thin surface layer etc. advantages. As for the price. But Foamposite is more expensive, can only be said to be caused by market speculation! 2, Air Jordan 11 design inspiration? AJ11 in the bottom of the design inspiration? Nylon mesh surface design inspiration? Hatfield from Tinker as everyone knows, love all kinds of strange places draw inspiration to design Air Jordan, it is already not a secret. As the AJ11 inspired grass machine shell of milepost autotomize (because the mower must be strong enough. You have to push it over the grass, may hit the house, may hit the fence around the edge, so the mower must be durable. The above may not be affected by the strong impact, so it can be designed to be more fun, this is the design of the lawn mower). at the end of inspiration from football shoes, tinker and design teams using high-speed photography to capture the Jordan on the pitch movement, frame by frame and projected shoes of motion is analyzed, finally found the problem, and identified to be in sole with full palm carbon fiber board (carbon plate is different to say it), and this technology was the first to use the football shoes. As for nylon upper is inspired by the Denver international airport. 3 Jordan Brand, the first one in the history of the shoes + shoes sale product suite and form the largest shoe? Jordan brand in 2001 whim, the Jordan team Camp23, Jordan Camp23 slide and a bag into a huge box (big shoes can easily put down US22 code O'Neill PE), the formation of the Jordan Camp23 pack of the suit. Set points for the White / black and white / North card version of the two colors, the Jordan team Camp23 to year should air jordan 16 team shoes, but from the outside air jordan 15 lineage is quite obvious, symmetric hit color design in the year it is precedent move. get reload battle, Store App search get download the latest version, more sneakers information, more beautiful shoes, nik〉