followed the earlier release of the "24K White Gold" series, the American rapper Meek Mill and again with the sports brand Puma to cooperate, bringing the new "Patent" do not note series. Among a total covering low cylinder Basket Classic and Challenge two cylinder sports shoes, the design adopts glossy black leather produced by red and silver, and were the sole a little decoration, with Meek Mill's street style. more information about Puma: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! AV Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper come new year Shawn Yue endorsement three bars, his AJ how to bask? Talking about the relationship between celebrity endorsement and brand development I don't like to buy money at home! Will you play high-end sneakers? By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! ADI, eventually 10000 yuan shoes wang! But these eight pairs of high price shoes are not happy, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - SuperStar 80s DLX imitation old white gold black label retro ASICS Gel-Lyte V15 men's retro shoes Jordan early Pro battle shoes, auction price of up to 50000 U.S. dollars knife! Heavy news! Nike Sportswear 2015 spring new shoe Preview commented on an article on : Jordan early Pro cheap jordans online battle shoes, auction price of up to 50000 U.S. dollars knife! Next: heavy news! Nike Sportswear 2015 spring new shoe Preview with the panda shoes, shoes and other series of bone Adidas Originals menacing, continue to jointly design master Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott together to create a series of JS COMBAT, which use high quality leather shoes talent shows itself, full, strong ties and gold key become wonderful collocation, thick soles lines and high safety protection also help will set foot jump obstacles, killing many eyes. army, VS air force, Reebok, Insta, Pump, Fury, Outdoor, Jacket, packNike, Zoom, Kobe, VI, Lakers, 3D, new models comments on last article: Army VS, air force, Reebok, Insta, Pump, Fury, Outdoor, Jacket, pack, next 3D: Nike, Zoom, Kobe, VI, "Lakers," new08 years, the Chinese Olympic year, in July, the basketball culture month, Pick new action in the field in the game of basketball can be described as a wave after wave, from sponsors Quanzhou thirteenth "Pick Cup" one hundred thousand team basketball game, the fourth sponsored sponsored by FIBA, known as "small basketball World Cup" Stankovic Cup, to sponsor the Olympic Games before the final warm-up of Diamond Cup basketball game, a number of domestic and international Olympic sponsor succession basketball tournament, set off a basketball "Tornado." Since the 2005 launch of international strategy, in the international basketball journey and contin cheap foamposites uously made new harvest, not only the NBA Rockets star Shane? Battier's check in the White Rockets home, but also with "basketball Kingdom "--NBA form an official marketing partner. "Olympic Cup" one hundred one thousand basketball game fiery team After nearly two weeks of intense competition, the Peak Group title sponsor of the thirteenth "Pick Cup "basketball game hundred thousand team has been to the white-hot stage round robin. Opening ceremony of the basketball league was held on July 14 in Quanzhou hometown stadium. Municipal Sports Bureau Wang Shanshan, City Board of Education Deputy Secretary ????? attended the opening ceremony, chairman of the Peak Group Jingnan also offered his congratulations, and personally for the first game kickoff. ten consecutive title as the exclusive sponsor of the event, chairman of the Peak Group Jingnan in the first game after the game to accept the media interview, a hundred thousand team is one of the greatest games promote fitness in basketball, while the tournament and as a warm-up match Peasant meet with a deeper and broader sense, as the Chinese Olympic national enterprises are very willing to participate in the Olympics events in the past. reported that the current squad hundred thousand basketball game sponsored by the Quanzhou fitness leading group. Competition is divided into three stages: men's groups, including adolescents, adult and middle-aged groups, the women's race Any Age. together, "Adam cheap jordans for sale s Cup" force to help the Chinese basketball off July 20, known as "small basketball World Cup," said Stankovic Continental Champions Cup in Hangzhou ended, the Chinese team with Angola in the team competition, the Chinese team lost by one point. One after another in a fierce competition, let the fans still immersed in which boundless. The eye-catching billboard inside the Olympic stadium, also deeply imprinted in the minds of the fans, for the fans to see a basketball game in China in the international sports brand proud and proud. It is reported that four consecutive sponsorship "Stankovic Cup," Pick Adams Cup has become a strategic partner. It can be said, the Olympic and the Adams Cup has been the existence of a close relationship, in a sense. "Stankovic Continental Champions Cup" is not only an organized by FIBA, the world's top held in China, high-level basketball tournament, has aroused great concern in the community. Chinese men's basketball team Olympic lineup frequent appearances, injury absence NBA playoffs Rockets starting center Yao Ming, NBA experience to hone a season teenager Yi Jianlian, Wang also return CBA battlefield, every time their appearance affects all fans nerves. The sponsors - Peak Group, also took the opportunity to expand the sports marketing force to help Chinese basketball off the Olympics, as China's basketball career to make an important contribution. Peak Group General Manager Xu Zhihua said to sponsor this event, cheap jordan shoes for men feel very honored across the company, we hope that the Chinese men's basketball warm-up before the Olympic Games through, to achieve new breakthroughs in the Olympic arena. And July is the Olympic basketball Heritage Month, we believe that for the fans presented the Olympic world basketball feast, will allow fans to see them. "Star" Light Peak brilliant light shining Diamond Cup this summer destined not calm, that a field of intense basketball tournament interpreted so vividly, the mood of the fans a push to the highest point. Adams Cup has just ended in Hangzhou, July 29, the same as FIBA ??organized the third "Diamond Cup" basketball game in Nanjing and lit the flames of war. As a final warm-up match before the Olympics, Diamond Cup is considered a pre-Olympic women's basketball final assessment of Chinese men. Domestic basketball equipment brand, known basketball experts say the "Pick", after successfully sponsored the Adams Cup, continue to accompany Chinese Basketball fought Diamond Cup, Olympic international sports marketing will once again become the focus of world attention. It is understood that, FIBA ??Diamond Cup is sponsored by top international basketball tournament, before each Olympic Games scheduled to be held in the Olympic host country, therefore, the Chinese team as the current Diamond Cup host, meet the ultimate assessment before the Olympics. To participate in this diamond Cup six teams from Africa are Angola, Australia, Ocea Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nia, the Americas, Argentina, Europe, Serbia, Asia, China and Iran. Many of whom are big players in the NBA, the game exciting level of self-evident. Pick Zhi-Hua Xu, general manager, he said that after 20 years in basketball Plough, Peak has had the opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the brand in the international community, and international Peak will continue to spare no effort to promote international and domestic basketball common cause of development, each of which is a Chinese national enterprises bounden duty. Peak also hope that China's athletes are in the Olympic Games, fought hard, glory for the country! According to statistics, China currently has more than three hundred million basketball fans, as the first big movement, Chinese basketball carries the dream of millions of Chinese people. As Adams Cup and research Cup sponsor, Peak 20 years has been carefully crafted professional basketball equipment, and actively promote the development of the domestic basketball career, and strive to achieve the dream of Chinese basketball, basketball spirit in its spokesperson Liu Yudong Ares who has been the best interpretation. After the 2005 launch brand internationalization strategy, Peak international look, still tirelessly to put basketball, have brought to the United States NBA Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks at home, as well as the European All-Star Game, the Adams Cup, Diamond Cup, Australia's national men's basketball team and many cheap jordans for sale mens other international events and sports teams, also with the official NBA marketing partnership, signed NBA star Shane Battier as its image ambassador, and as he introduced a three cushioning "Battier generation" boots . It can be said, Pick hearts of the people in the world have succeeded to establish an international image of Chinese sports brand, to phrase a brief but exquisite slogan "ICANPLAY" gives confidence and passion that charm. China's national sports brand on behalf of Pioneer - Pick, contribute to the development of Chinese basketball and the world of basketball made is self-evident, it has been recognized by the industry. In the just past the Adams Cup basketball league, FIBA ??- President Bob Effie Princeton for outstanding contributions to the world of Olympic basketball in recent years has made it gave a high evaluation, he said he hoped to have more domestic like? Pick such sports brand to promote the further development of the world basketball career.Earlier this year some time in April, which should double the Olympics because of the birth of Dunk High SUPREME had Shaolu Tau Kok, and has finally marketed Shoe central body made of nylon material, and the rest is used quite textured leather effect And the design in addition to black shoes, it is granted the use of five Olympic rings colors. Each color is the line into the gossip graph, and each has 8 small gossip ring, you can count them ^^ & nbsp; The use of the concept of gossip th Retro jordans for sale at can drive evil gossip of Kyrgyzstan, is a very good sign, and I think the Olympic Games on August 8 What are accompanied by 8 this figure should not over it! & nbsp; Source: Sneaker News& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] by the end of November, Nike, the world's second home, the first Chinese woman to experience the store opened in downtown Shanghai. Coincidentally, a month ago in Beijing, China's first women's Adidas store 1200 km outside settled Street. On the surface, in recent years, the domestic sporting goods market saturation, competition, business inventories high, but multinational brands but at female consumers dig out a new profit heights. In fact, since 2013, these two sports speculators began to expand women's layout sub-category, training female market through research and targeted marketing campaigns, observed consumer demand and response. Now test the water Woman store retail model, it is a more substantial step forward, which may explain the timing of the harvest to. Lock consumer decision-making power "We think customers are very unique shops, and even the men asked if he could also open a male store." Adidas Street store clerk told the "China Business" reporter. Different from traditional flagship store, Adidas Women store layout, cater to female customers into the aesthetic features of the elements, walls with color from the pale, warm yellow, pale pinkish pur Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ple and other pastel shades made store dressing mirror inlay There are floral, high position in the half mirror, the installation of ballet dance studio unique wooden handrail. On the product, except Training Series, Women Adidas store also sells Stella Mccartney series, the series is currently in Beijing only two stores for sale. "Stella Mccartney belong in a little luxury Adidas series, with respect to the Training more design sense, go sport fashion line, emphasizing women's movement should have a more charming and beautiful shape, so the price is higher." Shop clerk said. Reporters noted that a Stella Mccartney series sports jacket priced at 1,199 yuan, while the Training series of similar style sports jacket price was 499 yuan. "After a while, all of the products may be replaced by Stella Mccartney Series." Seasons Place store in which there is no lack Gucci, LV, Dior and other international luxury brands, high-end positioning. "The decision to offer women the store here, is taken into account more in line with the business district near our position." The clerk said. From product selection and store lots, the Adidas store woman seems to fashion, luxury light direction to move closer, and targeting 25 to 40 years old, has a certain economic strength and consumer groups focus on fashion sense. According to reports, the store daily traffic of 40 to 50 passengers, the purchase rate of about 5%. While operating more mature Adidas flagship store i Retro jordans for sale n Xidan daily traffic in the 3000 to 4000 people. consumer culture takes time, Adidas This "Pathfinder" is also quite patient. Woman store clerk told reporters that the store now mainly played branding, marketing role, profitability is not necessarily the first place. Adidas official told reporters that the current sales of women's specialty stores are satisfied. Following the Beijing store, the other two women's stores by the end of December will be opened in Chengdu, while in 2015, Adidas also plans to open more stores in the country woman. fitness craze in the country this year, quietly rising movement is increasingly seen as an attitude to life and fashion, especially for female consumers, fitness and beauty concept is interwoven together. And although relative to European and American countries, the domestic consumer market and exercise habits and culture is not mature, but Adidas still choose to "treasure" charge in China, a move Beijing key way in sports consulting firm founder Zhang opinion, is very smart-looking layout. "In a category where consumers often only remember three to five brands Adidas and Nike in the limelight when the Chinese women's movement just starting to seize the initiative to establish the impression in the minds of consumers, to enter the collection of consumer decisions, will greatly expand sales opportunities. They have great ambitions, and only targeting the most potential market, I believe the future they will have Cheap air jordans for sale more initiative. " by market segment layout online marketing? Adidas when responding to reporter's interview letter, said the company is one of the fastest growing women's category will be given focus, while brand awareness target consumer groups also can be significantly improved. Strategically, the creation of women's store model is the company to seize the Chinese market, the natural process of women's products. Faced with its huge potential for growth, opening more stores is indispensable. Nike regard, perhaps the digital community to the company 65 million female fans emboldened enough to play, hope to announce in 2017, relying on women's products will increase revenue $ 2 billion to $ 7 billion. On Nike Women 2015 spring and summer series of conference recently held, Amy Montagne Nike Women vice president, said the launch of the Nike ever the most comprehensive and innovative woman series. According to Zhang analysis, the proportion of women in China accounted for 49% of the population, but this is low compared with the proportion of daily consumption, so there will be a big bang. Also women shopping there Aiwujiwu characteristics, if the motion moved by the main product, will further purchase accessories. In home shopping, women tend to have decision-making power to a large extent, the mother will affect their spending habits. This is also the Adidas and Nike confident female sub-category of reasons. two giants to develop female market segments will not be a whim, relevant strategic layout as early as 2013 began. From February 2013, Adidas made "In the name of sisters, all out effort" slogan, held a series of marketing activities. With the new brand ambassador Hebe influence, Adidas will inject the concept of sisterhood fitness, so that the women's movement to upgrade to a social and sharing behavior, a new way weekend appointments. It is understood that Adidas sports performance series Women substantial growth in product sales immediately. With the rise of social media, Adidas has registered the "adidas girls" microblogging and micro-channel public accounts, so that female consumers through social networks and brand have a direct contact and interaction. On the "adidas girls" micro-channel number has a series of shaping public tutorials, sports knowledge, product information, online games, and promotional activities, calls for women to be called the sister team sports. However, social cards will play to win the hearts and minds of women and more than one Adidas, Nike and even go further. Nike Women store opened in Shanghai, the main "sports experience" and "Women Only." In addition to product rich in style, the shop offers a range of service experience: "Nike + gait analysis system", long pants trimming service, intimate experience of sports underwear to buy, Nike + Run Club and Nike + Training Club training courses. Nike In this way, the stores from simple product sales, upgrade to a women's sports club. In addition, in recent years has been through the Nike + Nike and other smart wearable device to collect large data, and online community of 65 million female consumer research, in order to explore the female consumer preferences to improve products and enhance brand sticky sex. Nike public relations manager, told this reporter, Nike confident efforts to lead the current wave of women's sports products. For old rivals Adidas and local brands in the women's march segments, he said, our direction is not the same. "A lot of women's sports brand announced the breakdown products do, but in fact turned to fashion, while Nike's continuous research and development and innovation, the emphasis is functional sports products, it is difficult to horizontal comparison." How "Zhaomaohuahu" In fact, for potential female market segments, local sports brand response is not slow, the woman had been to increase efforts to develop the product line, but the key question is how to develop the most appropriate strategy. relative to the multinational sports brands, local enterprises in the female segment marketing tools, mostly to take contracted endorser way, in the form of relatively simple. Xu Bin, clothing experts point out that there are few local sports brand made systematic industry. "Now sports, clubs, regular events little, just to sell stuff. Local brands and customers should be a positive interaction, and not just a simple buyer-seller relationship. For example, do outdoor adventure clothing, you can do tours." Study of sports apparel for many years for the local sports Zhang expressed concern about the situation of enterprises. "The next decade, the movement of the population will continue to increase, this change, local brands in the targeted communicate product functionality development and movement of the population is not good. Today, the rise of the running boom, this generation of students will grow more emphasis on sports professional products and functionality. After the market will be carved up motion segments, and now do not work hard research and development, the future market will be lost. "specific to women's product line, he said, in the development of women's category at present domestic brands just do the version and color-coded, but details on the study of motor function no in-depth, as well as women's unique physical needs. For Woman stores this new retail model, Xu Bin told reporters: "The domestic market is still in the learning stage to imitate, but the marketing ability is there if Adidas, Nike, well, I guess next year many local companies. Woman store will do. " But imitation is not difficult to imitate "like" is not easy, whether local businesses can open up a piece of virgin land, to be there to observe the market. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Winnipeg progenitor cloud shoes and bags)